Nicole & Jim Wedding – 12.17.16

It’s not every day that one of your best friends gets married.  It’s also not every day that you have the honor of photographing their wedding.  But this is exactly what happened with Nicole and Jim’s wedding!  First, let me say, that I love these two to death and this wedding has been a long time in the making.  I’ve known Nik since I was young.. like… awkward brace face, acne, middle school young.  We’ve been through a lot together, from breakups and heartache, to becoming coworkers, to being roomies who share a love of Taco Bell and pizza.  I have so many memories with this lady and I’m so happy for her in her marriage to Jim.  It was hard walking in at the beginning of their wedding day and NOT crying when I first saw her… and that’s saying something as I’m not a cryer.

But seriously, could you ask for a more wonderful person both inside and out? Nik is truly the bestest best friend a person could ask for (and Jim’s not so bad himself either!).  Not only did she make a stunning bride, but she made almost every single decoration!  She even hand wrapped and wax sealed all the favors for the guests!  She was a serious DIY warrior for this winter wedding, working into the wee hours of work nights to pull it all together.  There were so many wonderful touches placed throughout their wedding, from the HUGE Christmas ball wreath Nik made to the stunning centerpieces. Wyndridge Farms and Winery could not have been a more lovely venue for this winter wonderland wedding.  Not only was the barn a beautiful place to get married, but the staff made the whole day flow wonderfully.  From start to finish, this was a magical wedding to shoot.

When I arrived and valiantly composed myself to avoid tearing up, all the ladies and gentleman were getting ready in two separate rooms downstairs.   Everyone looked stunning.  The red colors, lights, and wreaths everywhere certainly emulated the holiday spirit.  Now the day was a bit of an ugly one weather-wise. It had iced and snowed overnight, so roads were a little hairy and I gracefully glided on concrete more then once trying to photograph shoes and flowers.  But it definitely helped to give the photos a little “White Christmas feel.”  I only wish it had been snowing big fat snowflakes when we were doing some couple shots, but a photographer’s dreams can not always be met, haha!

The morning went off smoothly with hugs and greetings to be had with all family members.  Nik’s mom and mother in law helped her get in her dress, while bridesmaids helped button her up.  The dress was stunning!  A flowing, strapless dress, with a gold highlighted waistline, and a sweetheart neckline, it was beautiful!  Nik looked incredible and again…. photographer waterworks threatened to occur. The bridesmaids all gathered around to ooo and aww, and I headed over to the groom’s room to see the gift exchange of sports themed shoes.  Not as amazing as Nik’s sparkly Christian Louboutin stilettos, but hey, can you tell these two share a love of shoes too?

And with that, the ceremony was officially ready to begin!  Now, as many of you may or may not know, my mom and I have actually ‘worked’ a few weddings together.  She is a Dr. Rev. and occasionally, when the stars align, we actually get to work together.  She marries them and I shoot them!  All we need is a caterer and a venue and we could be full service organization haha! My mom led in the groomsman, to be followed by the bridesmaids, and then Nik and her dad.  The moment Nik walked down the aisle and Jim saw her was one of those moments that make a wedding.  So many happy emotions and just a truly beautiful moment to witness.  This was it!  Game time.  The ceremony went off swimmingly and ended with two happily married people grinning at each other as they walked down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife.

The rest of the night flowed by.  Dances were had, speeches were given, and laughs were exchanged.  One of my favorite moments was when Jim gave a little speech, thanking everyone and Nik for everything they had done to make their wedding day so special.  And then he said, “Everyone kept asking me today if I was nervous, and I can honestly say, I am not, because I have never been so sure of anything in my life.  I am so happy to be married to Nicole.”  And that folks, is true, happy, butterflies in the stomach, love.

The rest of the night was filled with dancing and a LOT of it.  This was a dancing crowd!  Everyone was out on the dance floor at least once.  Even grandma was a dancing machine! Garter and bouquet were tossed (and there were battles for both)!  And the night wrapped up with a lovely dollar dance.  Nicole’s dad was the last to dance with both of them and that was a precious little moment.  All in all a truly wonderful wedding. I couldn’t be happier for these two and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!  I wish you two nothing but the best!  So with lots of love, I give you Nik and Jim’s wedding.





Photography and writing by:

Alysha Yoder Photography

(b) (w)

(e) (p) 610.762.7810

Venue and Catering: Wyndridge Farms and Winery

DJ: Klock Entertainment – Josh Wagner

Flowers:  Wildflower

Cake: The Couture Cakery

Videography: JKM Productions

Kate & Marshall – 8.23.15

One of my favorite weddings hands down this year.  Seriously… not only was this couple like crazy in love BUT they picked one of the most unique locations, The Hall of Philosophy in Mt. Gretna AND the glowing bride is just starting to show the most adorable baby bump.  One of my favorite photos from the whole wedding is when I was photographing Kate and Marshall by themselves, the sun streaming in through the trees, both looking at each other full of love and the groom is resting his hand on the baby bump.  It was quite magical.  The love surrounding this family and couple was just spectacular.  While the wedding crowd was kept small and intimate, you could tell everyone was there just really loved, cared for and supported the bride and groom.

There were so many beautiful small details at this wedding too.  The ring bearer carried the rings in a little bird’s nest, favors were little ornaments made of bird seed, little nests decorated tables, napkins even sported the bride and groom’s names.  You see a little theme going on here? The bride’s mother, Pat, did a heck of a job planning.  She even hand-painted little bird houses for the decorative tree!  The bride’s sister, Moira,  serenaded the couple as they danced their first dance as husband and wife.  The rest of the night was filled with the sounds of Jazz music by Perseverance Jazz Band and the gourmet eats of 14 Acre Farm (seriously, yum!). It seemed everyone pitched in to make this a perfect evening for these two and it was truly an honor to be a part of it and get to document the evening.

Kate_Marshell-5 Kate_Marshell-3 Kate_Marshell-17
Kate_Marshell-24 Kate_Marshell-59Kate_Marshell-35 Kate_Marshell-40 Kate_Marshell-56 Kate_Marshell-63 Kate_Marshell-70 Kate_Marshell-72 Kate_Marshell-74 Kate_Marshell-76 Kate_Marshell-80 Kate_Marshell-81 Kate_Marshell-82 Kate_Marshell-85 Kate_Marshell-105Kate_Marshell-103 Kate_Marshell-111Kate_Marshell-107Kate_Marshell-117Kate_Marshell-118Kate_Marshell-439Kate_Marshell-440

Kate_Marshell-172 Kate_Marshell-183 Kate_Marshell-192 Kate_Marshell-217 Kate_Marshell-213Kate_Marshell-224 Kate_Marshell-232 Kate_Marshell-243 Kate_Marshell-278Kate_Marshell-256Kate_Marshell-263Kate_Marshell-282Kate_Marshell-306Kate_Marshell-314Kate_Marshell-327Kate_Marshell-334Kate_Marshell-342Kate_Marshell-375Kate_Marshell-390Kate_Marshell-422Kate_Marshell-452Kate_Marshell-461Kate_Marshell-465Kate_Marshell-397 Kate_Marshell-404 Kate_Marshell-405Kate_Marshell-409 Kate_Marshell-406 Kate_Marshell-410Kate_Marshell-491 Kate_Marshell-413Kate_Marshell-496


 Venue – The Hall of Philosophy, Mt. Gretna –  Catering  –  14 Acre Farm  

 Band –  Perseverance Jazz Band  Flowers Hernley Farms, Mt. Gretna, PA’s “Flower Lady” 

Photography – Alysha Yoder Photography –

(w) (e) (p) 610.762.7810

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