Hello All!  I’m Alysha Yoder and I own and run Alysha Yoder Photography.  I love what I do if that wasn’t obvious!  I have a very unique set of skills and talents that differ from your normal professional photographer.  Typically throughout the week I work in the corporate world as a food photographer and food stylist but after corporate hours & on the weekends I photograph all sorts of lifestyle photography.  This entails mostly weddings and engagements but most of my clients stick around and then I get to photograph their babies, families, and seniors. It’s such an honor getting to be part of the big moments of my clients lives!

As you can see with my photography (or at least I hope you can lol!), I have a much more journalistic style.  I’m here to capture all those little life moments and while I do posed photography, I love all those natural interactions between your family and yourself. Capturing all those emotions and love is always something I love to have shine through in my photos.

I also blog about our various worldly travels as well as many of my late grandma’s recipes. I’m always experimenting in the kitchen, creating recipes and trying to recreate all the wonderful food we have in our travels.  My husband, Sean, or dog, Gizmo, might also make a guest appearance or two as I’m always looking for the most convenient hand model or taste tester.


The hubby, the hidden Gizmo in the background and myself out hiking. 

Enjoy the blog as it’s one of my new endeavors in the creative world. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any inquiries in relation to photography, recipes, or other assorted jobs.





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