Kate & Marshall – 8.23.15

One of my favorite weddings hands down this year.  Seriously… not only was this couple like crazy in love BUT they picked one of the most unique locations, The Hall of Philosophy in Mt. Gretna AND the glowing bride is just starting to show the most adorable baby bump.  One of my favorite photos from the whole wedding is when I was photographing Kate and Marshall by themselves, the sun streaming in through the trees, both looking at each other full of love and the groom is resting his hand on the baby bump.  It was quite magical.  The love surrounding this family and couple was just spectacular.  While the wedding crowd was kept small and intimate, you could tell everyone was there just really loved, cared for and supported the bride and groom.

There were so many beautiful small details at this wedding too.  The ring bearer carried the rings in a little bird’s nest, favors were little ornaments made of bird seed, little nests decorated tables, napkins even sported the bride and groom’s names.  You see a little theme going on here? The bride’s mother, Pat, did a heck of a job planning.  She even hand-painted little bird houses for the decorative tree!  The bride’s sister, Moira,  serenaded the couple as they danced their first dance as husband and wife.  The rest of the night was filled with the sounds of Jazz music by Perseverance Jazz Band and the gourmet eats of 14 Acre Farm (seriously, yum!). It seemed everyone pitched in to make this a perfect evening for these two and it was truly an honor to be a part of it and get to document the evening.

Kate_Marshell-5 Kate_Marshell-3 Kate_Marshell-17
Kate_Marshell-24 Kate_Marshell-59Kate_Marshell-35 Kate_Marshell-40 Kate_Marshell-56 Kate_Marshell-63 Kate_Marshell-70 Kate_Marshell-72 Kate_Marshell-74 Kate_Marshell-76 Kate_Marshell-80 Kate_Marshell-81 Kate_Marshell-82 Kate_Marshell-85 Kate_Marshell-105Kate_Marshell-103 Kate_Marshell-111Kate_Marshell-107Kate_Marshell-117Kate_Marshell-118Kate_Marshell-439Kate_Marshell-440

Kate_Marshell-172 Kate_Marshell-183 Kate_Marshell-192 Kate_Marshell-217 Kate_Marshell-213Kate_Marshell-224 Kate_Marshell-232 Kate_Marshell-243 Kate_Marshell-278Kate_Marshell-256Kate_Marshell-263Kate_Marshell-282Kate_Marshell-306Kate_Marshell-314Kate_Marshell-327Kate_Marshell-334Kate_Marshell-342Kate_Marshell-375Kate_Marshell-390Kate_Marshell-422Kate_Marshell-452Kate_Marshell-461Kate_Marshell-465Kate_Marshell-397 Kate_Marshell-404 Kate_Marshell-405Kate_Marshell-409 Kate_Marshell-406 Kate_Marshell-410Kate_Marshell-491 Kate_Marshell-413Kate_Marshell-496


 Venue – The Hall of Philosophy, Mt. Gretna –  Catering  –  14 Acre Farm  

 Band –  Perseverance Jazz Band  Flowers Hernley Farms, Mt. Gretna, PA’s “Flower Lady” 

Photography – Alysha Yoder Photography –

(w) www.alyshayoderphoto.com (e) alyshayoderphoto@yahoo.com (p) 610.762.7810

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