Alexandra & Mike Wedding – 8.25.17

Vineyards are quickly becoming some of my favorite venues to photograph at, and Alexandra and Mike’s wedding was no exception!  From when I arrived, to when I left, this couple and their family and friends were nothing but smiles, laughter, and love.  Not to mention Alex and Mike’s two adorable dogs who sat patiently for pets and had their own roles in the wedding procession.  This wedding was a stunner, with shades of gold, light pinks and white throughout, it certainly all came together beautifully.

After getting ready, the couple and their party headed down to the ceremony area, a  large oak tree hung with lanterns and lights, overlooking all the vineyards at Monterre Vineyards.  Their children and dogs brought up the end of the processional before the bride made her appearance.  Each dog had a sign, one reading, ‘I’m just here for the cake’ and the other ‘I loved her first.’  It was truly a charming moment, and left all guests laughing as they made their way down the aisle.

As guests looked on, Mike beamed as he saw Alex for the first time all decked out in her dress.  After her brother gave her away, these two had a beautiful ceremony and when their first kiss was had, guests broke out in applause.  As they walked down the aisle, as husband and wife for the first time, we all headed right into family photos and couple photos throughout the vineyards.  Guests headed right to the cocktail hour, filled with his and her cocktails, yard games, and laughter.  As the cocktail hour came to a close, and the sun began to set, the Monterre staff led guests up to the main banquet hall where dinner, dancing, and the reception were to be held.

Seats were taken by guests, as the couple’s family and party were introduced, before Alex and Mike made their entrance and began their first dance as husband and wife.  They were serenaded by their aunt, as they spun around on the dance floor.  As the song ended, the couple took their seats and the toasts began!  The bride’s sister and brother gave a joint toast followed by the groom’s best man.  Glasses were raised as guests applauded the couple!

After a lovely dinner, the couple headed down with me to get some night shots under the oak tree they had gotten married under.  Now all the lights were lit up and some beautiful night shots were had.  After we were carted back up to the reception area, dancing began!  The groom and his mother shared a touching dance, while the bride invited everyone onto the dance floor in memory of her dad. Dancing ensued as guests gathered on the dance floor to show their moves.  As I was heading out, I left behind a dancing crowd, with a glowing bride and groom, surrounded by friends and family who so clearly love them both.  So here’s to Alex and Mike, to many more years of happiness, love and laughter!  And without further ado, Alex and Mike’s wedding:



Photography and writing by:

Alysha Yoder Photography

(b) (w)

(e) (p) 610.762.7810

Venue, DJ, and Catering: Monterre Vineyard

  • Special thanks to all the wonderful staff of Monterre Vineyards who helped me get photos throughout the night!

Flowers:  Ruby’s Floral Factory

Cake:  Granny Schmidts

Cari & Mark – 10.24.15

Cari and Mark, talk about a relationship that’s been in the works for a while. Originally high school sweethearts, fast-foreword to now and voila!  A match that’s been smoldering for a while and it finally caught fire.  Not to mention their son, Gavin who now is just as tall as his parents (who are aren’t shorties by any means)!  These two could not have picked a more perfect day to tie the knot.  All the leaves were still on the trees but had changed to fantastic shades of orange, reds and yellows.  It was sunny but cloudy, a light breeze and an all around beautiful day for a wedding.

Surrounded by friends and family with one of the BIGGEST parties I have ever photographed (19 in total!) and dressed out in various shades of blue, suspenders and white flowers.  This was a total family affair, from Cari’s brother being her wedding planner to her friends and family helping to provide desserts, chairs & tables and even bean bag games!  Their first look, when Mark turned around, saw Cari and couldn’t stop smiling, to the meaningful speeches (four in total from their siblings), to the touching parent dances.. these two were just enveloped by love!
There was plenty of humor and laughs at their wedding too.  Gavin being asked to speak by all his uncle’s while giving their speeches and rejecting them all (much to the hoots and hollers from the crowd), to Cari opting out of shoes half way through their first photos.  The bride mixing up her drink with her brother’s as he was trying to toast the couple (whoops lol), to the bride’s sister saying they were finally a real family (to which Gavin responded… ‘What were we before?!’).
Full disclosure, I had my first big wedding screw up ever and showed up at the wrong ‘mansion’ location (only about 5 miles aways, whew), to a wedding where there happened to be a bride named Cari too (what are the freaking chances!).  So after talking to the family and setting up my lights.. I went to go find Cari to only be met by a stranger.  Seriously.. I have never been so embarrassed and while frantically trying to call the bride, groom and really anyone in their party I had the numbers for, I realized there was no cell phone reception up in the mountains.  Thankfully, I was only a few minutes away so everything still ran smoothly but Cari and Mark were calm as cucumbers and had a good chuckle about my other ‘Cari bride’ encounter.
Seriously though, as weddings go, this one was such a blast to photograph.  Everyone was so warm and welcoming and I found myself laughing throughout the whole day.  To be part of Cari and Mark’s union was truly awesome and it is weddings like this that make my job worth it!  So without further ado, Cari and Mark’s wedding!



  –  Venue – The Iron Master’s Mansion –

–  Caterer Redd’s Smokehouse BBQ 

Photography – Alysha Yoder Photography –

(w) (e) (p) 610.762.7810



Ali & Mike – 10.9.15

Talk about a fun, quirky couple!  Ali and Mike were a couple that I had the pleasure of photographing previously in their engagement session.  These two agreed to get photographed at the Magic Garden in Philly (which in itself is a pretty awesome setting) so I knew right off the bat that Ali and Mike were going to be a fun couple!  Talk about a few states love affair.  These two met in Philly, recently moved to Boston and had their wedding in New Jersey!

Their venue, Valenzano Family Winery, couldn’t have been a stunning setting.  From the vineyards where we did their sneak peeks to the barrel room where we did some fun backlit shots, there were so many unique settings for stunning photos!  When I arrived, the sky had already started to turn grey and looked like rain.  I asked the photo gods to hold off the rain, at least until we could get some fun outdoor shots.  Who would have thunk that would work?  
Literally to the minute, these two had their outdoor ceremony, walked down the aisle as husband and wife for the first time and BAM full on thunder, lighting, torrential downpour.  It was almost magical.  Throughout the ceremony the sky got darker and darker.  There was a moment when a loud clap of thunder occurred and Ali looked back at the guests with a worried look. Thankfully no one got soaked and everyone got to clamber inside before mother nature fully released her wrath.
As everyone scattered inside they were all led to the reception area where Matt and his team had set up beautiful tiers of food all around wine barrels and decorations.  Guests got to sample Valenzano Wine as they smiled for photos and chatted the night away. A fantastic (seriously awesome!) dinner catered by Summit Catering was served after Mike and Ali shared their first dance under a chandelier surrounded by their party members.  Soon after, parent dances followed until everyone joined in, especially the couple’s nieces and nephews who were dancing machines!  After letting me snag them for some fun shots in the barrel room the staff did a dessert dance, led by all the kids, and served everyone a huge variety of sweet specialties.  Talk about a fun night!  These two and all their close friends and family were such a joy to photograph.  Check out their big night below! 


  –  Venue – Valenzano Family Winery –

–  Caterer – Summit Catering –

–  DJ – Stew of Time Productions –

 Officiant – Irene of Journeys of the Heart – 

 Wedding Planner – Matt and Dory of Summit Catering  – 

Photography – Alysha Yoder Photography –

(w) (e) (p) 610.762.7810

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