Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Mexico… Oh my!

My oh my.. what a wonderful last week and a half it’s been. And what a week it’s been trying to get back into the flow of.. well, life. I tried my hardest to chronicle our trip but I certainly got sucked into the moment many times. So yes, long post, but trying to cram a three different countries during a week and a half trip is seriously harder than it looks!

Our family always asks with any event, “What was the best part vs what was the worst part?” So in Yoder family tradition style, I’ll give you my run down.

Kristen & Ian – 10.3.15

The reception was lovely. The speeches were some of the best I ever heard. I was busting a gut behind the camera at the best man’s speech. Who knew a golf game could lead to a dead goose? One of the best moments of the night was the dollar dance which just happened to be POLKA. Not only did almost every guest get up to dance with the bride BUT after they were done they joined hands and danced around the bride.

Amy & Daniel – 9.19.15

Amy and Daniel, talk about romance meets Southern Charm! I honestly couldn’t even tell you which one was more excited to get married! There was a point when I was photographing the groom with his groomsman prior to the ceremony and one of them said something to the point of, “Are you ready to do this?” Daniel responded with, “I’ve never been more ready for anything.”