Puja & Michael – 9.12.15

Even meeting and getting to know each other was kind of a happenstance #dorklove story made by the cosmos. While attending Drexel (two completely different majors mind you, Engineering and English) they happened to cross paths in their final semester while taking a Philosophy in Science Fiction course. They bonded over their love of science fiction and as Puja put it, “the British musician Imogen Heap for some odd reason.” They said they both knew that they were each other’s plus one after spending a night meeting up for tea and closing it (and multiple other places down). They kept moving from location to location, chatting about life and common interests. It still took them like another few weeks to be forced to recognize by common friends that they had feelings for each other and were, in fact, dating though.

Kate & Marshall – 8.23.15

The love surrounding this family and couple was just spectacular. While the wedding crowd was kept small and intimate, you could tell everyone was there just really loved, cared for and supported the bride and groom.

John & Vanessa – 8.22.15

Vanessa and John, these two love birds actually met by a fated accident. Vanessa’s sister was supposed to go to a party and ended up not being able to so Vanessa went instead… and who did she meet there you might ask? John of course!