Tina & Todd – 9.23.14

Tina and Todd, what a great little wedding this was.  This was the fastest turn-around on a wedding I’ve ever had.  I had gotten an email from Tracy over at La Carta Luna Wedding Planning and Designs asking if I’d be free in two weeks to photograph a tiny wedding over at Fallen Tree Farms.  Now most weddings I book are a year in advance so two weeks was rushed to say the least.  I arranged to meet with Tina at the local Paneras and we hit it off right away.  She’s one of the happiest clients I’ve met in a while.  She was glowing and obviously very excited to get married (though I think at our meeting the fact that it the big day was happening in a week hadn’t hit her yet).  She talked about her and Todd, smiling the whole time and told me about their wedding quilt (which is a very cool and unique tradition) which is how he had proposed to her while they were quilt shopping.  After we discussed all the details and parted ways I couldn’t wait to photograph these two’s wedding day!

Fast-forward a week and two days and I pulled up to The Fallen Tree Farms Bed and Breakfast on the most perfect day you can imagine.  The sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot, the leaves had just started to change and the whole landscape was just beautiful and blushing with colors.  I headed upstairs to where Tina was getting ready while greeting some of the other guests and meeting Todd for the first time.  Tina was so happy.  Seriously, no joke, one of the most cheerful brides ever.  I don’t think she stopped smiling the whole day.  I went around getting small detail shots and photographing her with the quilt Todd had gotten her (a surprise for him when they had their big wedding celebration for friends and family).  Her best friend and daughter had come up to help her and I couldn’t help but laugh and smile with them as they helped me get quilt photos and exchange jewelry with Tina.   After everyone was set and ready we headed up to the little chapel area Fallen Tree Farms has outside for beautiful intimate ceremonies.  Todd along with the couple’s family and friends all arrived and the ceremony was ready to begin!  One of my favorite moments of the whole day was Tina walking to meet Todd at the aisle and when she first saw him she stopped, smiled and started to tear up (it’s one of my fav photos below) and Todd seeing Tina immediately began beaming, a huge smile spread across his face.  These two are very much obviously in love and that moment made me tear up a little behind the lens.
The ceremony was beautiful, short and sweet and everyone clapped when the rings were exchanged, vows were given and Todd lifted Tina up in their big first kiss as husband and wife.  They played music and danced the whole way down the aisle and walked hand and hand to the end of the drive.  It was a truly magical moment.  All the guests came back and congratulated the two exchanging hugs, hand shakes and beers.  I then got to take some fun photos that I’ve been meaning to take but have never had a really tiny wedding thanks to my head filled with tons of pinterest ideas (I don’t know if you can tell the guests are in a heart around the bride and the groom in some of my favorite photos of the couple but it’s a fun photo nonetheless).  We headed down to cake cutting and celebrating before the whole crew headed out to dinner.  All in all, this was one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever shot.  Everyone was so laid back, the couple and day couldn’t have been more perfect and the love shared with family, friends and couple was obvious. Thank you to Tina and Todd for letting me be the one to capture their special day and without further ado the photos of this fantastic day!

Tina_Todd-5Tina_Todd-3Tina_Todd-7 Tina_Todd-21 Tina_Todd-22 Tina_Todd-26 Tina_Todd-28 Tina_Todd-43 Tina_Todd-46 Tina_Todd-48

Tina_Todd-49 Tina_Todd-51 Tina_Todd-53 Tina_Todd-56 Tina_Todd-61 Tina_Todd-66 Tina_Todd-71 Tina_Todd-78 Tina_Todd_Edited_3_BWTina_Todd-82 Tina_Todd-86 Tina_Todd-99 Tina_Todd-103 Tina_Todd-106 Tina_Todd-109 Tina_Todd-121 Tina_Todd-140 Tina_Todd-141 Tina_Todd_Edited_4_BW Tina_Todd-152Tina_Todd-160Tina_Todd-162Tina_Todd-173

Tina_Todd-183 Tina_Todd-186 Tina_Todd-188 Tina_Todd-200 Tina_Todd-206 Tina_Todd-215 Tina_Todd-192 Tina_Todd-221 Tina_Todd-213 Tina_Todd-227 Tina_Todd-232 Tina_Todd-237 Tina_Todd-246 Tina_Todd-249 Tina_Todd-250 Tina_Todd-251

Vendors for the Wedding:
Alysha Yoder Photography – (p) 610.762.7810   –  (e) alyshayoderphoto@yahoo.com   –  (w) www.alyshayoderphoto.com  –  (b)  https://alyshayoderphoto.wordpress.com  (f) www.facebook.com/alyshayoderphoto

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