Matt & Rachel – 9.13.14

Matt and Rachel, what a great time I had shooting your wedding.  It was my first local Carlisle wedding in a while, which I was so thankful for.  Any time I get to drive 5 minutes to a venue instead of 3 hours is a good day. When I arrived it was raining slightly and a bit chilly.  It’s amazing how much can change in two hours.  The sun can come out, the dampness of the rain slowly started to clear away and the day becomes perfect.  You couldn’t ask for two better people for this to happen to.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of knowing Matt and Rachel from when they started dating until this big day.  When I had originally moved up to Carlisle for my corporate job I was introduced to Matt through one of my co-workers and Rachel and him were regulars at our game nights, pub crawls and croquet matches.  I’ve photographed Matt and Rachel before both in their engagement session and work settings.  I couldn’t have been happier when they asked me to shoot their wedding.

The church they got married at, St. Patricks, was one of the prettiest churches I’ve had the honor of photographing in.  One of the coolest things I found out throughout the day was Rachel’s mother had gotten married in the same church!  We actually did a shot and posed Rachel in a shot that was very similar to one of her mom’s photographs (Rachel standing in front of the stained glass window).

These two were a blast though and their friend’s and family couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful.  Everyone came to show their love and support for this couple and it was such a beautiful thing to see!  I was a little thrown off the first time I saw Matt’s twin brother, who…. while not identical technically, looks exactly like him.  Thankfully their haircuts and shirts were different colors or I would have been photographing the ‘groom’ twice lol.  After the ceremony, the couple headed over to the Carlisle Country Club.  Everything was spectacular and I was so happy to have the room with lots of windows (a photographer’s reception dream!). Everyone got out on the dance floor, even the grandma!  The cake was cut with only a little icing smudging to the face, speeches and toasts were given and the two that caught the bouquet and garter had recently got engaged!  All in all, a perfect evening and I hope the photos deem it as such.  Congrats again Matt and Rachel, enjoy the photos!

















Photography:  Alysha Yoder Photography (w) (p) 610.762.7810  


Venue(s):  St. Patrick’s Church – Carlisle, Pa & Carlisle Country Club

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