Lauren & Bram’s Wedding – 11.24.18

2018, what a year you were!  And it ended on a high note with me getting to photograph the marriage of Lauren and Bram.  Not only are these two beaming with love, but they have quite an adorable love story! They actually met the first day of college orientation, which was a hiking trip!  They became quite inseparable and one thing led to another and they both knew they had met their lifetime match.  At the peach orchard they both worked at, they planned a sunset picnic and that’s where Bram popped the question;  Lauren of course said yes!  And that’s what led us to their magical day!

A perfect combination of old soul and quirky, these two got ready at the home Lauren’s grandfather built for her grandmother.  It’s been a central hub for the family ever since!  Lauren’s parents even got married in the backyard, so needless to say, getting ready there was a must!  It has a great old world charm that you rarely see in homes and seriously, check out some of the amazing chairs and staircases we used as props, it was a great setting to be sure! Following party and couple shots at the house, we headed over to Heidelberg United Church-Christ in Downtown York for the ceremony, right across the street from their reception location at the Central Market House.  Two great old buildings with lots of history and flair!  The ceremony went off without a hitch, and everyone applauded as these two were announced as husband and wife!  Despite the pouring down rain we had all day, we managed to capture some shots of the couple running from the ceremony to the reception hall.

Following the ceremony all guests went to Central Market to begin the reception.  Yummy hors d’oeuvres were passed around as guests begin to mingle, catch up with friends and family, and dance!  If you’ve never been to Central Market, it’s quite a cool building, and most people in York know it as the place they buy farm fresh produce, locally made food, and artisan’s works. This pair is so loved by everyone that attended and, if the looks and laughs didn’t give it away, the speeches people prepared for them would have! Glasses were raised, hugs were had, and touching words were spoken.  Lauren even prepared a little surprise for Bram and serenaded him a song as she played the guitar.  Following dinner, the cake was cut, parents were danced with (Lauren and her dad killed it!), and then everyone got out on the dance floor. It finally stopped pouring about twenty minutes before I was supposed to leave (figures!), so we were able to go outside and get some rain shots!  As I left, the bride and the groom were out on the dance floor having the time of their lives surrounded by the people that love them most!  So here’s to the happy couple and many, many more years of happiness!  Without further ado, I give you Lauren and Bram’s wedding.

Photography and writing by:

Alysha Yoder Photography




(p) 610.762.7810

Venues: Central Market House – Reception

Heidelberg United Church-Christ – Ceremony

Catering: Mountain Laurel Catering

Officiant: Kait Verkest of Sealed with a Kiss by Kait 

Flowers – Foster’s Flower Shop

Wedding Planner – Kristine of Stylish Soirees in PA

Hair and Makeup –




Tricia and Tor Wedding – 10.14.16

Fall weddings always leaves me breathless and Tricia and Tor’s wedding was no exception.  The lovely fall colors, a wonderful wedding, and a beautiful location, I mean… does it get any better then this?  Now this wasn’t the first time I’ve photographed these two, they had a wonderful fall engagement shoot last year with their fur babies.  Seriously though, does it get any cuter??

Lucky for everyone, they picked the most beautiful fall day for both shoots!  Not only did we have a fantastic first look overlooking the Blue Mountain ridge on the eastern edge of the Appalachian Mountain range, but we got to get four-wheeled up the mountain to get some spectacular scenic shots as well!  It’s not every day you have a bride and groom who are willing to four wheel up a mountain in full wedding garb!  Also, special shoutout to the wonderful bridesmaid and driver, who helped us make all our mountain photos!

This kickass couple also added so many touches to this wedding to make it their own.  The bride hand crocheted little pumpkins as guest table seatings and rocked some rockabilly shoes.  The groom and groomsman rocked funny socks and an orange bow tie. These two had the ring bearer don a Star Wars themed ring pillow, their dogs and cats made for their cake topper, and awesome take-away custom chapsticks for their guests.

Following their first look and photos, these two got married at a beautiful outdoor ceremony at golden hour.  With a waterfall and mountain range behind them, guests looked on as these two read their own vows, and got hitched right as the sun set.  The cocktail hour followed with bonfires, human sized checkers, and lots of laughter with friends.  As the night became chilly, everyone moved inside for the reception.

Dances were had and speeches were given.  One of my favorite quotes was the MOH giving her speech and saying, “these two were such a perfect match, even Obi One Kenobi couldn’t have made it!”  And it’s true, the love and affection these two, and their family and friends, have for one another is infectious.  With each little photo session we snuck away for, these two kept each other, and me, laughing with their contagious happiness and love for one another! So here’s to that love and laughter for this wonderful couple for another 100 years!


Notice the ‘butt grab,’ these two had me laughing hard behind the camera!

Photography and writing by:

Alysha Yoder Photography

(b) (w)

(e) (p) 610.762.7810

Venue, Cake, & Caterer:  Blue Mountain Ski Resort

DJ: Robert Cline

Flowers:  The Potting Shed


Lizzy and Nate – 5.21.16

Oh man.. Lizzy and Nate’s wedding!  Sometimes… just sometimes…. one of those couples comes around that are just so unique and awesome that when they ask you to photograph their wedding… you start doing a happy dance in your living room.  THIS was one of those couples.  And THIS was one of those weddings.  I mean, two people that met at an invitational board game convention, does it seriously get any more offbeat and up my ‘favorite wedding alley’ than that?

When I got an email originally from Lizzy asking for information for their wedding at KNOEBELS, I was a little more then just excited. Our original consult went off swimmingly, which left me wondering… ‘I wish these two didn’t live all the way out in Washington State because I would like to hang out with them quite regularly.’   Have you ever been so excited about something you just find ways to bring it up in every conversation? Literally me.  For about a week after I booked their wedding.  For example, random stranger… “Oh hey Alysha, how are you today?” Me, “I BOOKED A WEDDING AT KNOEBELS.” I’m sure I left a lot of my coworkers scratching their heads lol.
So why did these two, from Washington, decide to have a Knoebel’s wedding in Elysburg, Pennsylvania? Wellllll, originally Lizzy is from this area.  These two actually got hitched earlier in the year and now wanted to share in their celebrations with friends and family!  They’ve actually had a few different weddings, from one side of the country to the other.  In turn, bringing together their friends and family that they have all of the US. How cool is that?  The way they described their wedding celebration day was, ‘a lot less formal and more like a big family reunion.’  And that’s exactly what it was!
Two people, surrounded by the friends and family who clearly love them and all their uniqueness to death!  I was sooo excited to meet these two after many phone/Skype calls and when they saw me, I got a big running hug!  That’s how the whole day went.  Lots of hugs, laughter, funny stories and I mean.. duh.. lots of rides.  It was a theme park wedding after all!
For their ceremony, these two had a hand-fasting ceremony on the entrance of the Phoenix!  Yes, the Phoenix.  I mean… it’s only one of the top TEN wooden rollercoasters in the world! Hands tied together, these two literally took their first ‘plunge’ with their guests. While they did have the Pheonix for an hour, they also planned to meet up at various rides and take them over throughout the day.  We took over the Carousel and the Bumper Cars.  What fun!  Plus, Knoebel’s staff was awesome and helped me throughout the day.  We even got the brass ring at the Carousel for some fun ‘ring’ shots and bumper cars placed in just the right way for couple shots!
What a wonderful day!  Plus, a totally and awesomely unique couple.  They’re like a unicorn and they only come around every so often (not to say I don’t love all my couples, but I mean… rollercoasters.. come on!).  So here’s to a gazillion more years of mutual weirdness for these two!
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