John & Vanessa – 8.22.15

John and Vanessa, these two love birds actually met by a fated accident.  Vanessa’s sister was supposed to go to a party and ended up not being able to so Vanessa went instead… and who did she meet there you might ask?  John of course!  These two, after dating for a while, went on a trip to Spain where John popped the question.  How romantic right?  Vanessa’s family is also from Spain and her cousin & his girlfriend even made the journey for their big day!  How fantastic is that?!  

John and Vanessa’s wedding had so many fun moments throughout there wedding day from the bride and groom getting surprised by a limo to the ring bearer breaking it down on the dance floor.  One of my favs was when the bride and her dad did a non-traditional father-daughter dance and broke out New Kids on the Block  – Remix (I Like The) and they danced out hard!  There were some special moments with Vanessa and her grandma (one of my fav photos is her grandmother and her talking before the wedding). Not to mention that look of love John got when he saw Vanessa walking down the aisle for the first time.  Check out this lovely couple’s photos below:


John_Vanessa_Edits-1 John_Vanessa-1 John_Vanessa-2       John_Vanessa-5 John_Vanessa-11 John_Vanessa-47 John_Vanessa-69


John_Vanessa-101 John_Vanessa-130 John_Vanessa-143 John_Vanessa-201 John_Vanessa-233 John_Vanessa-245



John_Vanessa_Edited_5 John_Vanessa_Edited_6 John_Vanessa_Edited_8 John_Vanessa_Edited_10John_Vanessa_Edited_3

John_Vanessa-557 John_Vanessa-576 John_Vanessa-592 John_Vanessa-598 John_Vanessa-612




  –  Venue & CateringPark Inn by Radisson –    DJ – Patrick Curran –

Photography – Alysha Yoder Photography –

(w) (e) (p) 610.762.7810

Kyle & Monica – 8.15.15

Kyle and Monica, how wonderful are these two?  This couple lives up to the term ‘high school sweethearts.’  Kyle and Monica started dating in the 10th grade!  It was a story of girl tells her friend she likes a boy, who then tells boy that a certain girl likes him lol. Seven and a half years later and VOILA! Kyle proposed to Monica on a long weekend in Washington DC.  Isn’t that adorable?  These two + their wedding day just oozed timeless tradition and class.  Not many couple’s keep to the traditional but these two pulled it off in style!  The whole day seemed to have an old Hollywood feel to it from the classic groomsman suits to the stunning sweetheart gown worn by the bride.

The whole party was awesome to work with too!  From posing, to goofing off, to all around being a blast to photograph they pulled off some funny photos (one of my personal favs is all of their expressions when I photographed the bride and groom kissing!). Everyone had a blast dancing too.  I can’t tell you as a photographer how great it is when all the guests dance.  When you have an empty dance floor that never leads to great photos but I got some pretty goofy shots of so many of the guests dancing & having a blast.  So many of Kyle and Monica’s friends and family came from out of town to celebrate their big day with them.  You could tell how excited everyone was to see this lovely couple.  What a great day to bring these two families and all their friends together so without further ado here are some highlights from Monica and Kyle’s wedding day!

Monica_Kyle-5 Monica_Kyle-9

Monica_Kyle-15 Monica_Kyle-18








Monica_Kyle-233 Monica_Kyle-259 Monica_Kyle-295 Monica_Kyle-304 Monica_Kyle-317 Monica_Kyle-353 Monica_Kyle-354 Monica_Kyle-361 Monica_Kyle-369 Monica_Kyle-385 Monica_Kyle-405 Monica_Kyle-432 Monica_Kyle-449 Monica_Kyle-476 Monica_Kyle-480 Monica_Kyle-484 Monica_Kyle-488 Monica_Kyle-490Monica_Kyle-504Monica_Kyle-536Monica_Kyle-540Monica_Kyle-551Monica_Kyle-552Monica_Kyle-563Monica_Kyle-570Monica_Kyle-585Monica_Kyle-586Monica_Kyle-593Monica_Kyle-604Monica_Kyle-605Monica_Kyle-623Monica_Kyle-627Monica_Kyle-633Monica_Kyle-641


  –  Venue & CateringHoliday Inn – Harrisburg/Hershey –  Cake  –  Sweet Confections Cake – 

 DJ – Ryan Miller Entertainment   – Photography – Alysha Yoder Photography –

(w) (e) (p) 610.762.7810

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