James & Ashley – 10.31.15

Talk about a wedding for the offbeat books!  Halloween wedding + gas masks + zombie cake and Beetlejuice ring hand.. it had it all!  For a themed wedding this was definitely one of the more rad weddings I’ve done.  James and Ashley LOVE Halloween and what a better way to share your big day then theming it around something you’re both passionate about??

Ashley rocked her little white dress, fringed in black lace with a orange accent while James looked sharp in his suit.  The bridal parties wore a purple and black combo with highlights of orange throughout. This was one of those weddings that was just a blast to photograph.  When James pulled out his gas mask groom’s gift I can honestly say this was, not only a first for me, but one of the most unique and awesome wedding gifts ever!  Each mask came in a military type bag, personalized with the groomsman’s names on them.  Talk about a crazy cool gift right??

There were so many priceless moments too.  When I was positioning James for the couple’s first look… seeing how nervous he was until he saw his stunning bride in her dress and all his nerves melted away, to the look on the officiant and crowds faces when the groom’s brother pulled out the box containing the wedding rings… and a zombie hand lol!  James recited some Beetlejuice references much to the amusement of all the guests.  One of my favorite shots is the reaction of everyone to the zombie hand.  The bride hand-painted the cake toppers (for their spiderweb Halloween cake) to look like a zombie couple with their dog and what an amazing job she did!  The groom even rocked some pumpkin cufflinks for the occasion.  Not to mention, the party ALL donning masks for some post-ceremony shots.  This was only highlighted by the very “Shining-esque” Globe Inn Hotel, with old photographs, decor and dim lighting.

The warm fall colors played off not only the color themes but the warmth the couple and their close friends and family have for each other.  Every time I turned around someone else was laughing and joking with the couple.  So here’s to many more Halloween’s together you two!  May your treats be better than you tricks 🙂 I couldn’t have asked for a more fun bride and groom to photograph!  Enjoy!


  –  Venue – The Globe Inn –

–  DJ –  Holiday Sounds 

–  Caterer –  Catering by Royal Gourmet 

–  Cake – Granny Schmidts –

–  Cake Toppers – Hand Painted by the Bride herself! –

Photography – Alysha Yoder Photography –

(w) www.alyshayoderphoto.com (e) alyshayoderphoto@yahoo.com (p) 610.762.7810

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