White Peaks and Zest

When I came across not one, BUT TWO lemon sponge pie recipes, I was ecstatic! Now these recipes do take a bit to figure out, as there aren’t a ton of instructions AND there is a lot of old terminology that I have to google just to know how to prepare them exactly. Here’s a little old school baking knowledge I’m about to throw down.

Rain with A Craving for Peanut Butter

I have so many fond memories of grams pulling out the beaters and whipping up fresh icing for all her baked goods. Dave would always just ‘happen to wonder into the kitchen’ and be on hand to lick the beaters. Now I will ALSO admit my hubs had a little say in this selection, as he has a mild obsession with everything peanut butter based. As payment, he helped model for a few of my shots AND I made him homemade mac and cheese tonight, so double bonus for him.

An Ode to Grandma

The last few years as a photographer, I’ve tried to document the time I’ve had with her as much as I could. From every day things, when we visited, to our last holidays and birthdays together, I’ve been snapping away. Hoping to have some visual memories to hold near and dear to my heart.