Rachel and Josh Wedding – 4.30.17

A Sunday brunch wedding with a doughnut tower, spin art, piñata, and lego place holders! Yesss!! It’s not every day I get to shoot a wedding as awesomely unique as Rachel and Josh’s wedding!  These two certainly had some wonderfully unorthodox components to their wedding day.  The day started off with these two getting ready in their perspective corners of the lovely Stone Mill Inn.  

Nish and Hamza Wedding – 4.21.17

Take an elegant wedding with a modern twist, add in a wonderful couple, lots of bright colors, and a stunning venue and you have Nish and Hamza’s wedding!  A wedding for the photo books for sure!  Not only did I have a great couple, but it was held at the beautiful venue, The Waterfall.  The Waterfall, decked out in purples, golds, and reds, with fresh flowers draped…

A Food Tour of Denver

The Dashanbe Teahouse is kind of a combo food, drink, architecture and artwork visit. The building is breathtaking. The whole building was created by 40+ artisans from several cities of Tajikistan. They created the decorative elements the Teahouse, including its hand-carved and hand-painted ceiling, tables, stools, columns, and exterior ceramic panels. It’s absolutely stunning. I’d recommend going here even if you’re not hungry. The craftsmanship of this building is so unbelievable. But we did eat there. And drink there. They offer unlimited chai. YES. YOU HEARD RIGHT. UNLIMITED CHAI. You empty your coffee mug and they REFILL IT. FOR FREE. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. We were in hog heaven. Add that to the artistry around us and the yummy small plates we had of hummus and veggies and a little sampler plate. People come here for tea (obviously) and the tea sandwich sit down experience. You have to have reservations for that, so plan in advance people!